Need some time alone with Lady Luck? The Jackpot Room, with 15 of the latest machines, may be right up your alley. Whether you are looking to try your luck or need some light finger work to while some time away, check out the den and who knows, you may walk away with the jackpot.



• 10am - 12midnight (Sun - Thu & Public Holiday)
• 10am - 1am (Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holiday)



Smart - No swimwear and slippers



• Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed in the Jackpot Room by law.

• The latest operating hours of the Jackpot Room as published in the RSYC magazine are shown in the Schedule of Operating Hours available in the Clubhouse.

• A Member or guest playing more than one machine must give up one of the machines to another Member or guest who wishes to play on it, irrespective of whether other machines are available.

• No reservation of Jackpot machines is allowed.

• A maximum of 10 minutes grace period may be given to players who need to leave the machines for urgent business. The supervising staff should be informed.

• The Jackpot staff shall remove any leftover coins after the grace period to allow other players to use the machine.

• In the event of a coin jam, players shall approach the Jackpot Staff for assistance. Players are prohibited from abusing Jackpot Machines e.g. by kicking, punching, etc.

• The staff are authorized to shut down any machine when they deem necessary.

Procedure

• Members known to the staff may be signed-in by staff indicating Name/Membership No. /Arrival Time and Departure Time.

• Members not known to the staff will be requested to produce their Membership card before signing-in.


• A Member can bring a maximum of two guests into the Jackpot Room at any one time.

• Guests may be asked to leave the Jackpot Room by the supervising staff or an RSYC Official if their behavior and conduct cause annoyance to other Members.

• Domestic helpers, drivers and boatmen are not allowed in the Jackpot Room.


• All cash transactions shall be in Singapore currency. Other forms of payment, i.e. cheques, credit card shall be accepted at the discretion of the RSYC Committee.

• Winnings in excess of $100 and above shall be claimed through the Jackpot Staff.

• Payouts of $5,000 or more shall be made by cheque within seven (7) working days.



Please call 6768 9343.
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